Why Flexo Still Rules for Printing Labels

Why Flexo Still Rules for Printing Labels

By Al the Label Guy

When it comes to printing your product labels, we think flexibility is pretty cool. And that’s the best part of flexographic printing (aptly nicknamed flexo)!

This process delivers a world of customization options that just aren’t possible with some other types of printing processes. Flexo labels can be printed on nearly any substrate and application like sleeve and lids, pressure sensitive, films and paper stocks.

Flexo printing has been around for a long time, but still has some guidelines. Here are a few reasons why flexographic printing is a cool choice for your product labels.

Diverse Substrates

Flexo hasn’t met a packaging need it can’t handle including:

  • Paper and Film
  • Pressure Sensitive Substrates
  • Shrink Sleeve
  • Lidding material

Durable and Sharp HD print quality

Flexo-printing creates long-lasting prints from durable, vibrant inks, perfect for getting your packaging noticed!

Large Quantities

Flexo printing is ideal for large roll-fed runs of labels because it can optimize your cost per unit.


Got sustainability goals you want to meet? Flexo printing uses less energy, water, chemicals, and no solvents.

So, if you have big volume print needs, then flexo might just be your go-to process for labels. And Gamse is happy to be your go-to printer.

With our flexographic printing services, we offer in-line back printing, die-cutting, laminating, and cold-foil applications. Remember, we’ve been doing labels for 125 years. It’s all we do!

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