What Makes Sleek Shrink Sleeves So Special Anyway?

Just What Makes These Sleek Shrink Sleeves So Special Anyway?

By Al, the Label Guy

Say that 10 times fast! Nevertheless, it’s a great question. And here’s a great answer.

There’s no better way to make a product pop than to cover it with a label that literally hugs your container—no matter what shape it is. In fact, the more uniquely contoured your container, the better these labels fit to become part of your product.

The beauty of shrink sleeves is that you can use them on just about any product and for a variety of applications. From security seals (think mouthwash caps) to beer cans, cooking oil, and juice sleeves, shrink sleeves deliver distinctive branding benefits you just can’t get with other labels. Here are a few reasons why they are a solid choice for your brand.


Shrink sleeves make sleek and visually appealing packaging, which draws consumers to your products faster than other types of labels.


Your product has one long journey from manufacturing to shipping to stocking to shopping cart. A lot can happen to a label during that time. Shrink sleeves are durable so there’s a better chance your label doesn’t get scratched or beat-up.

Whole surface advertising

You get 360-degrees of prime advertising real estate with a shrink sleeve, so you have more space to tell your brand story.


Have a product that needs to stay secure? Shrink sleeves offer extra reassurance that a product hasn’t been tampered with before a consumer purchases it.  

Now that you know why shrink sleeves are a great option for your product labels, here’s why you should choose Gamse to print your shrink sleeves.

  • We print over 10 million sleeves a month from all types of materials for a wide range of products. So, we know sleeves!
  •  We can supply them on a roll or individually cut.
  • Our sleeves can be steam or heat applied.
  • Our Shrink Sleeves offer environmentally friendly, flexible, and cost-efficient choices for a variety of products.
  • We’ve been doing labels for 125 years. It’s all we do.

So, when you think of shrink sleeves, think of Gamse!

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