Field Technicians

Unlike the other guys, we never simply ship your labels and leave you to deal with production problems.  We have a super-cool crew of field technicians that will actually come to your facility and will troubleshoot the application process to maximize your production time and minimize any waste. They know labels; they know machinery.  They know how to put the two together.


New brands need a voice. Old brands occasionally need a new look. To make that work for the marketplace is part science, part art. Our talented Prep Department works with your design/designers to ensure your label looks as good as the art you approved.

Give them an idea, think about the shape of your container, and they’ll do the rest. Using the latest in technology and pushing the boundaries of printing equipment, they’ll work with you to produce something truly amazing and unique: a rockstar design that will stand up and out on the shelves.


Ugh! The old way of doing business is a pain:

  •       Create a Purchase Order.
  •       Communicate changes.
  •       Set up an invoice.
  •       Stick stuff in the mail.
  •       Match everything up and pay.

That might have worked in the 50s, but today business moves a lot faster over a lot of departments. Our Electronic Data Interchange makes things smoother and quicker without the need for paper. Everything is done and aligned using the ‘net, and it will even integrate with your ERP. Your job goes quicker and communication just became possible at the speed of light.

Meet Felix!

Meet Felix, our innovative collaboration tool that lets you and your team view, comment and approve your artwork from anywhere in the world. Your designer in LA, your buyer in New York and the owner sitting in the airport in Singapore can all see the same screen at the same time and have an open discussion about your label art. You can also make individual comments, annotations and approvals for your team to review at their convenience. There’s nothing to download, you just need internet access. The Felix interface is intuitive and easy to use. No pdfs to email or open, just log  on and work seamlessly. Contact us now for a Felix demonstration. You’ll be glad you did!

Felix gives you a real-time peek at your artwork, tracking changes and making the approval process faster. You can make comments and watch us work on your project in high resolution. Felix is fun and fast. You’ll like him!

Vendor Managed Inventory

Stocking more than you need isn’t a wise use of your money or space. Running out of labels isn’t the solution either. Our Vendor Management Inventory alleviates much of the stress of thinking about inventory, and saves you time and money.

From the VMI, we both can:

  • Monitor real-time stock inventory levels.
  • Make adjustments for just-in-time delivery.
  • Cross-track the need for multiple labels for one product.

Eliminate rush order craziness and relax! Gamse’s VMI does the heavy lifting.


Our planet is the only place we will ever live, so we think it’s a good idea to do all that we can to take care of it. Gamse is certified and involved in all sorts of eco-friendly initiatives:

  • All C1S and Wet Strength papers are sourced from manufacturing partners who use sustainable practices.
  • Gamse is a registered member of SEDEX’s ethical sourcing program and uses energy conservation practices for our lighting and presses.
  • All of our non-recyclable solid waste is sent to an incinerator for conversion to heat and power, and our inks are primarily water-based.

Gamse isn’t just another label printer. We work hard at being responsible inhabitants of this planet we call home.


Every little thing we do adds up to a huge difference.

Whether it is something immediately beneficial, or we’re striving for good over the long haul, we believe everything we do adds up and brings advantages to your table. Yes, we create labels, but we do things in a way that ultimately benefits you and your business.

Isn’t that the kind of partner you need?

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About Us

We make labels…really cool labels…that are as unique as you and make your brand and products stand out from a sea of competition, and we’ve been doing that since 1896. Whether it’s your concept or a collaborative design effort, we work with you to provide the best solutions for your label application with a level of service that is refreshing and rare.