Getting Even More Flexible with Flexo Printing

Round Two: Getting Even More Flexible with Flexo Printing

By Al the Label Guy

When we started our conversation about flexographic labels last month, we realized we couldn’t get enough. It just might be our favorite label printing process (but we like them all). So, we’re back for more! What is it about flexo printing that makes it a superior choice over other processes? Let’s find out.


First and foremost, it offers flexo-bility! Your product label carries a big burden on its imaginary shoulders:

  • Provides important consumer information.
  • Helps consumers make purchasing decisions.
  • Helps assure product authenticity.
  • Helps create a great first impression of your product.
  • Helps differentiate your product from your competitors.

Whew! That’s a lot of responsibility. That means you need a label process that is flexible if nothing else. How do you think flexo printing got its name? (Actually, it got its name from the flexible printing plates in the process, but also because it can be used for just about any application).  Here are a few benefits of flexographic printing:

  • Varying sizes
  • Versatility
  • Cost-effective for larger print runs
  • Wide variety of substrates


You guessed it, Flexo product labels can be printed on large rolls and are perfect for high-volume printing projects compared to sheet-fed printing processes. Roll Fed Labels offer durable branding options for application onto a variety of containers. If you need bulk labels, roll-to-roll flexographic labels are faster, easier, and more affordable to print and ship.  

Diverse Substrate Materials

We talked about the wide variety of substrates you could use in flexographic printing in our last blog, but we wanted to give a little more detail about the two most common substrates.

Paper: Paper substrates are typically used for indoor labels with a relatively short lifespan and limited exposure to moisture, chemicals, temperature extremes, and abrasion. Non-perishable goods and household beauty product containers are good candidates for paper substrates.

Film: Film substrates are made from films like plastic, so they are a little more durable and flexible material than paper.

Pressure Sensitive: Pressure Sensitive Labels have the unique trait where the adhesive is an integral part of the label when you receive it. This adhesive can be chosen based upon the job at hand. Do you have a dry room temperature label application or are you a brewery applying a label to a cold, wet bottle or can? Gamse has an adhesive that will work for your application! Click here for a short video to see why stickiness matters!

Shrink sleeves: Shrink Sleeves deliver a distinctive branding solution that conforms to the unique contours of your packaging. From the 360º of available labeling space to the tamper-evident features, our Shrink Sleeves offer environmentally friendly, flexible, and cost-efficient choices for a variety of products. Click here to learn more about how shrink sleeves can be right for your products.

If you are looking for quality, efficient, roll-fed and cost-effective printing for your brand’s product labels, then flexo printing might just be the process for you. And Gamse can help!

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