Supply Chain Strategies

Three Strategies to Add to Your 2023 Supply Chain Playbook

By Al, the Label Guy

Cargo ship congestion looks like it may finally be loosening, but supply chain challenges aren’t completely over—just yet. This year, the disruptions caused by the pandemic are replaced with overseas wars, weather woes, and the threat of global recession. If we’re being optimistic—which we are—the 2023 disruptions may be a little more incidental and geographically scattered than the previous two years. But, for companies who rely on their product labels to increase brand visibility, market demand, and consumer love, don’t let the good news fool you into complacency. Playing defense against supply shortages can make all the difference for your business in 2023. Gamse can help.

Three supply chain strategies to add to your 2023 playbook.  

1. Stay current on global events.

Now, we’re not suggesting you spend every free minute reading the news or listening to podcasts. It’s a busy world and you have a business to run. But it’s a good idea to know what’s happening around the world and how it could impact your supply chain or shortages.

2. Find and test alternative materials.

With some lingering raw material shortages, your go-to label material might not be available when you need it. But maybe there’s something you’ll like even better. We’re great at finding solutions that impress, not just help you “get by”.

3. Stock up on label inventory…sort of.

Lean inventory management was the norm pre-pandemic supply chain issues. But when shortages threatened to upend the economy and everything was on backorder, the practice for businesses across the globe was to increase their inventory. Now, as disruptions begin to stabilize, inventories should probably fall somewhere in the middle…because you never know what or when the next shortage might be! Buying in bulk can help you save money and keep a bit more inventory on hand. 

With these strategies in place, you’ve got a great start at turning any 2023 supply challenge into your brand’s advantage. And with over 125 years in the label businesses, we’re here to help. Order your labels today!