Do You Know What You Don't Know About Labels?

Do You Know What You Don’t Know About Labels?

By Al, the Label Guy

Admit it…there have probably been a few times in your life when you were scared to ask a question because you (a) didn’t want to appear uninformed, (b) didn’t want to sound unprofessional or (c) didn’t want to seem irritating. Did you know that asking questions can actually help unlock opportunities for your brand and boost your business to new heights?

Here are some questions about labels we’ve received that just might be similar to what you might ask.

FAQ 1: “How do you know whether to run my labels litho or flexo/digital?”

The equipment used to apply the labels determines the type of label (Cut & Stack or Roll-Fed). We will happily guide you through the process by asking all the necessary questions and making sure you have the right type of labels you need.

FAQ 2: “What’s a die?”

The die (think of a cookie cutter) will cut your labels to size, cleanly, and efficiently. This is also a one-time charge for each particular label material/construction, shape and size. Gamse maintains, sharpens and replaces all dies at our expense. Once you purchase a die for a particular label material/construction and size/shape you will never incur another charge for that die again!

FAQ 3: “How do I know what size file I need for a shrink sleeve?”

Send Gamse the container and not only will we figure it out, but we will also make a template for you/your designers to use.

See there, nothing to fear! So, if you didn’t find your questions answered here (or here), this is your invitation! What would you like to know about labels, but are too afraid to ask?”