Gamse Who Needs Labels

Labels? Who needs (Stinkin’) Labels?

By Al, the Label Guy

Oh, that’s’ right we all do!

Everything we buy has a label.

Your label is an integral component of your product and plays a critical role:

  • It distinguishes your product from the competition (branding)
  • It entices a potential customer to pick it up off the shelf or add it to their online shopping cart (marketing)
  • Tells consumers how to use your product (instructional)
  • Tells consumers what your product will do (informational)

Can you image going into the grocery store, and nothing has a label on it?! That would just be plain weird. You wouldn’t know what’s in the can you just bought; it could be chicken soup, organic black beans, low sodium chili or dog food…not a good plan if you needed crushed pineapple.

What about the liquor store – you like IPA’s, but you just bought a Pilsner or maybe it’s a Bitter or a Irish Red Ale. Why? Because there were no stinkin’ labels on anything!

You get my point, we all need labels.

Labeling your product should not be an afterthought. You should put as much emphasis on your label as you did in developing your product. Afterall, your label is your brand. It’s what makes you recognizable on the shelf. Your label can even be a status symbol.

Label your product like your success depends upon it…because it does!