Gamse at 2019 Craft Brewers Conference

2019 Craft Brewers Conference

It was great connecting with so many craft brewers and beer enthusiasts at the 2019 Craft Brewers Conference in Denver, Colorado. We had such a good time.

Gamse at 2019 Craft Brewers Conference 2The show kicked off with a blizzard. Yes, you read that right! The Denver area was hit hard by a massive blizzard. But, we didn’t let that stop us from having a great time. Lots of our current clients stopped by booth #3099 to say hello to the Gamse team. And, we also met many awesome up and coming craft brewers who were excited to learn about our products and how we have been providing really cool labels to happy customers for over six generations.

One awesome thing the Gamse team got to do was celebrate an important anniversary with not only the largest craft brewery in the country, but also a valued Gamse customer, Yuengling. They celebrated their 190th year of providing their masterfully crafted beer to happy customers.

Gamse at 2019 Craft Brewers Conference 3
We also learned a thing or two at this year’s conference about the future of labeling. There is a new age for technical high-end labels upon us that call for new and improved techniques, including:

  • 2D code
  • Spin wrap labeling for more legal space
  • Metal paper labels with specialized coating areas
  • Foil stamping on estate laid stocks


Now that the 2019 Craft Brewers Conference has wrapped up, we are excited to begin production of new really cool labels for all the great companies we met at the conference.

If you are interested in learning more about our really cool labels and how they can enhance your brand, just fill out our Request A Quote form.