Raise a Glass to Breweries' Secret Ingredient: The Perfect Label

Raise a Glass to Breweries’ Secret Ingredient: The Perfect Label

By Al, the Label Guy

Micro, medium, or massive, all scales of brewery businesses have one thing in common: You need great labels that tell the story of your brews, showcase your unique brand personality, and get your frosty pints purchased by beer enthusiasts everywhere.

The brewing biz continues to thrive (173 MILLION barrels of beer were produced in the U.S. last year), and to win over consumers, brewers are not only focused on what goes inside the bottle but also on the packaging. Eye-catching label design is a crucial component of beer marketing, enticing consumers to try new brands and flavors.

The beer label design serves multiple purposes. One, it reflects your brand identity, and two, it can influence consumer behavior. Here’s where we get a bit nerdy. Color perception has a lot to do with the product choices that consumers make. For example, the color red tends to be perceived as sweeter than other colors. So, you want to make sure you create labels that accurately represent the beer style and flavors, so you get that emotional response from your consumers.

But you don’t want the beer label to just look good, it’s got to perform. Bottles and cans have to stand up to cold temps and rough handling, which can cause labels to fade, crack, rip, smudge, or lose their color. That’s why you’ve got to choose the right label materials, inks, and adhesives.

What’s a brewery to do to avoid these label disasters? Work with an experienced label printer like Gamse who can guide you in selecting the right materials for your specific application and environmental conditions that your products are packaged, stored and used in.

With our modern label printing techniques, you have a ton of choices including metallic effects, die cutting, bold colors, interactive elements, and embossing just to name a few. And the best part—it doesn’t matter the size of your brewery operation!

Gamse specializes in volume purchasing. One of the easiest ways to reduce your labeling costs is to buy them in larger quantities. When you buy larger quantities of labels at one time, your cost per label will go down the more you order.

Now that you know that designing a beer label is a combination of art and psychology that requires just the right balance between aesthetics and performance, let Gamse be part of the producing those labels that captivate consumers and enhance their overall beer-drinking experience. We’ve been doing it for 125+ years (ever heard of Yuengling? Loyal Gamse customer since Prohibition).

Whether you’re looking to bulk purchase labels or get a contract with a new supplier, Get Started with Gamse today! You’ll find our dedication to excellence refreshing, our technology and capabilities beyond your expectations, and our customer service exceptional.