New Year. New Label Strategy.

New Year. New Label Strategy. Start 2024 off Right with Gamse

By Al, the Label Guy

2024 is here, and that means it’s time to turn over a new leaf…’er label. Busy brands are planning for the year ahead and preparing to take advantage of new label opportunities to connect with their consumers. Are you ready to ring in the new year with a fresh label strategy of your own? Gamse is with you all the way!

We’ve got over 125 years in the label industry on our resume and we’re pros when it comes to finding innovative approaches to your label printing needs. While brainstorming your 2024 strategy, here are seven key considerations to ponder.

  • Do you know what your customers like? (Are they into textured papers or metallic embossing?)
  • Have you explored alternative material choices (there are a ton out there)?
  • How long will it take you to decide whether an alternative material will work (you might want to get started)?
  • Do you know the price impact of different solutions (it pays to shop)?
  • Are there still stability challenges in the supply chain (don’t forget to ask about lead times)?
  • What are you going for this year: economical, ecological, or efficient (better yet, all three)?
  • Are you keeping up with all the printing technology advancements (don’t worry we’ll do that for you)?

As new materials and printing technologies advance, it’s good to keep an open mind to new label options!

If you ever have trouble getting what you need, or just want to know what’s possible, we’re here to help with all your label printing needs.