Make the Grade with Back‑to‑School Label Printing from Gamse

Make the Grade with Back‑to‑School Label Printing from Gamse

By Al, the Label Guy

When it comes to the back-to-school season, we’ve learned a thing or two during our 12+ decades of printing labels: parents spend a LOT of money, especially on supplies and snacks and beverages for kids’ lunches. Now is the perfect time for those consumer brands to get label-ready because not only will parents be stocking up on products like crayons, juice boxes, and kid-friendly snacks right before the start of school, but also throughout the entire school year. Let’s take a look at some interesting and fun facts about some of the most popular back-to-school products.


There are about 300 crayon manufacturers in the United States and around the globe. Crayola is the most well-known and the world’s largest manufacturer of crayons. Since they began producing these colorful, iconic classroom staples in 1903, they’ve sold over 230 billion crayons. That’s a lot of packaging to keep up with! Thankfully, Crayola works with Gamse for its label printing needs! By the way, what’s your favorite crayon color? Blue always gets the most votes!

Juice Boxes

Kids love juice boxes with the attached straw and the fun, creative packaging. No wonder they’ve been a lunchbox mainstay since the ‘80s! In general, the juice market in the U.S. is currently $11.6 billion, and the field is competitive! Both parents and kids look for creative labels with bold colors and catchy designs that’ll keep ‘em sippin’ all school year long! And in case you are wondering, apple is the most appealing juice flavor in the U.S.

Kid’s Snacks

Peanut butter, yogurt, granola bars, and of course maybe a cookie or a bag of chips occasionally—these are all favorites among kids for in-school and after-school snacking. The kid snacks market in the U.S. has been booming since COVID! In 2022, it was an estimated $127.4 Billion and is projected to reach $216.4 Billion by 2030! That’s a lot of snacking, driven in part by parent demand for more healthy and organic kids’ snacks.

Remember in the beginning when we said parents were going to spend a LOT of money on back-to-school shopping? We weren’t kidding! Spending is expected to reach an unparalleled $41.5 billion, up from $36.9 billion last year and the previous high of $37.1 billion in 2021. So back-to-school consumer brands, are you ready to get in on this action? Gamse can help. From pressure sensitive to cut and stack to roll feed to shrink sleeve to foil lids, we’ve got a branding solution to fit your needs.

We’ve been part of the back-to-school season for more than 125 years, so we’ve got all kinds of ideas and innovative solutions tucked away in our backpacks to help make your school product branding needs stand out. Have a back-to-school product you need labels for? Get started with Gamse today!