It’s a New Year! Give your Labels a Fresh Start with Gamse

It’s a New Year! Give your Labels a Fresh Start with Gamse

Like everyone else on the planet, we’re ready to bring some new energy, creativity, and positivity in 2022. If this is you too, what better way to get started than a retrospective look at your brand’s labels and packaging to help you remember where you came from and decide where you want to go next?

As you take this stroll down memory lane, ask yourself these questions:

  • What did we get right?
  • What did we not get at all?
  • Is our original intention still there?
  • Are the labels doing what they’re supposed to?

Next, think about how your business has evolved since its inception. Does your label still reflect the current marketplace? Has your customer target changed? Is your label consistent with your other branding and communications?

If your labels have stayed the same for a while, maybe it’s time for an infusion of fresh new ideas and designs. You could go all in and completely change the entire label. Or maybe it’s working great, and you just want a little updating. Either way, 2022 is the perfect year to think outside the box.

Further challenge yourself and your team with these labeling questions:

  • What changes would we really like to see made to these labels?
  • What is something no one else in our industry is doing?
  • How would these changes look to the customer on the shelf?
  • Where do we want our brand to be next year?
  • How can we get where we want to be?

To help churn your brainstorming, here are a few label and packaging design ideas that are trending for 2022.

Anything pique your interest?

  • Illustrations
  • Interactive
  • Earthy and neutral colors
  • Vivid gradients
  • Textures
  • Loud and modern fonts
  • Abstract designs
  • Eco-friendly materials

At the end of the day, your label should grab attention, generate curiosity, ignite interest, and finally, get your product picked off the shelf or delivered to your customers’ doorsteps—over your competition.

Let Gamse be a part of your 2022 label strategy.